4th Annual GolfAid Fundraiser – 2022

By October 5, 2021Events

Please take a look at this video to learn about all TopGolf safety protocols.

We know that golfing isn’t everyone’s thing, so we’re again offering two types of registrations – one for golfers, which offers full access to everything the event has to offer, and one for networkers, which offers access to the great food, great drinks, and great networking!

Regardless of where you land, all of the funds raised will support the multiple renovation projects we’ve lined up for 2022. Your support will mean at-risk kids will have educational and safe after-school options; a struggling single mom will get the support and training she needs to regain her footing and her family’s independence; or an intellectually disabled adult who would otherwise be at high risk for homelessness can regain confidence and self-esteem in a beautiful, well-cared-for home. REGISTER TODAY!