HomeAid Northern Virginia believes that a home is everything. For families struggling with homelessness, removing the uncertainty and stress of finding a place to sleep at night means that they can focus on dealing with the issues that caused them to be homeless in the first place. The best way to end homelessness is to ensure that everyone has a safe and stable place to call home.

To achieve its mission, HomeAid connects regional builders and housing industry professionals with non-profits focused on ending homelessness. This connection allows each group to do what they do best. HomeAid’s partner builders and trade partners donate their expertise, time, and resources to renovate or build homeless shelters, housing facilities, and other non-profit spaces. This generous donation allows organizations to allocate their scarce resources on programming and interventions to work toward sustainably ending homelessness. It’s the ultimate win-win!

HomeAid Northern Virginia is the official non-profit of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association (NVBIA) and is a chapter of HomeAid America.

Building Hope in Our Community Since 2001...

Our Mission

HomeAid Northern Virginia builds new lives for families and individuals experiencing homelessness through housing and community outreach. HomeAid’s goal is to be the go-to building resource for Northern Virginia service providers. Through our Shelter Program, HomeAid builds and renovates non-profit facilities at a 30-100% savings thanks to the generosity of our Builder Captains and Trade Partners. This savings enables our Shelter Partners to improve their facilities while focusing their limited resources on critical programming that helps their clients become self-sufficient.

Our Shelter Services Program fills in the gaps by providing donations of household goods and food items for projects we’ve recently completed, as well as planning outreach and enrichment events for individuals and families experiencing homelessness and providing training for Shelter staff through our Annual Housing Forum. These programs help families and individuals experiencing homelessness gain stability by providing a roof over their heads and by offering the tools necessary to rebuild their lives on a secure foundation of self-confidence and hope.

HomeAid Northern Virginia has helped my family achieve our number one goal: obtaining a new home for us to start a new beginning. This is a life-changing experience that we will never forget.

HomeAid Client

Our Impact

Many of the non-profit spaces where homeless individuals gather for programming are aging, energy inefficient, unsafe, and in need of general upgrades. Our non-profit partners often do not have the funding, expertise, or staff time to undertake these projects. This is where HomeAid helps. HomeAid connects our non-profit partners with local builders and housing industry professionals, who donate their time and resources to build or renovate shelters and housing. HomeAid provides these upgrades at a reduced cost to the service provider, creating improved living conditions and increasing capacity, while enabling service providers to invest in services rather than building expenses. HomeAid makes our community stronger both by providing individuals in need with safe, stable homes, but also by strengthening the non-profits we work with.

There is no other organization like HomeAid in the Northern Virginia region. HomeAid Northern Virginia provides professional construction services to shelter organizations at a reduced cost. Our partners in the homebuilding industry have generously donated more than $11 million to our projects, saving shelters nearly 60% on construction costs. Funds that have can be redirected into programs and services to help homeless clients become more independent.

We are a vital partner in raising awareness of homelessness. Together with our partners, we are working toward long-term and sustainable solutions. We revitalize neighborhoods by taking aging and inefficient properties and transforming them into beautiful homes and spaces, raising expectations. HomeAid fulfills an otherwise unmet need in our area and provides an opportunity for the public, private and non-profit sectors to collaborate and work together to do our part in solving this complex problem.

We do more than build and upgrade housing and spaces—we change lives.

The HomeAid Impact