HomeAid in the News: Final Salute

In collaboration with Final Salute Inc., HomeAid Northern Virginia had the honor of helping to renovate and expand an eight-bedroom home serving homeless women veterans in Alexandria, VA. Check out the local news coverage of the project below.

Fairfax Times Article published November 15, 2018

Teetering on the brink of homelessness, this veteran found new beginnings in Alexandria

In November 2015, then-Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe announced that Virginia was the first state to meet the federal definition of effectively ending homelessness among military veterans. Yet, that information seemed irrelevant to 37-year-old Quianna, a pregnant mother who had served in the United States Air Force for four years (2000-2004) with a rank of Senior Airman.

Quianna grew up in Annandale, VA. After serving in the military, she had settled in Charlotte, NC. In 2017, she decided to “step up” on her faith and build her own coaching and training business – Happy Work Week, LLC. She decided to take that risk in the area where she was raised and returned to Northern Virginia.

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DCW-TV channel50 Article published August 6, 2018

Retired army veteran helps homeless female veterans

Alexandria, VA – Retired army veteran Jas Boothe is on a mission. She has launched a mission to alleviate homelessness amongst female veterans through her organization Final Salute. Boothe got the inspiration to start Final Salute when she found herself in a precarious position. She left the Army when she got diagnosed with cancer and moved to New Orleans. She survived Hurricane Katrina but became homeless in the aftermath. During her homelessness, Booth realized the tremendous need affecting homeless veteran women and their children.

In Alexandria, Final Salute celebrated the ribbon cutting of a homeless shelter, designed to accommodate ten families. Quianna Rodriguez, the first veteran cleared to move in with her three children says, she is moved to see so many people pooling their resources to make this new shelter possible. She says she is inspired to pay it forward saying, “…being able to give back as well, to participate in the different events they have and volunteer.”

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LocalDVM.com Article published July 17, 2018

Female Veterans and Children Given Housing

“I am just so blessed, to have this opportunity to have a place to stay,” said Quianna Rodriguez, a new resident.

Ten formerly homeless female veterans and their children now have a newly renovated and expanded residence to call home, thanks to a collaboration between Final Salute Inc. and HomeAid Northern Virginia.

“This has a little bit of a special spot for me because I was a military spouse for six years and on top of that, females experiencing homelessness with their children, as a mother I cannot imagine. After you have served our country, it is a basic human need, a basic human right, to have a place to call home,” said Kristyn Burr, executive director HomeAid Northern Virginia.

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WinchesterHomes.com Article Published July, 2018

Welcoming Formerly Homeless Veterans and their children to Alexandria

Ten formerly homeless female veterans and their children now have a newly renovated and expanded residence to call home following the completion of a collaboration between Final Salute and HomeAid Northern Virginia.

We worked alongside HomeAid to transform Final Salute’s residence in Alexandria, VA, to create a shelter for these families. As Builder Captain, our team was responsible for providing resources for the 8,700-square-foot renovation.

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HomeAid America Article published July, 2018

Formerly Homeless Female Veterans and Their Children Move Into Newly Renovated Home in Fairfax

Dedication ceremony hosted by Final Salute and HomeAid Northern Virginia put focus on an overlooked and uniquely challenged population of veterans: single female veterans raising children

Ten formerly homeless female veterans and their children now have a newly renovated and expanded residence to call home, following the completion of a collaboration between Final Salute and HomeAid Northern Virginia to transform Final Salute’s residence in Fairfax County. Final Salute provides safe and suitable housing to homeless women veterans and their children; HomeAid Northern Virginia builds and renovates homeless shelters and housing facilities via the donated expertise, labor and resources of local homebuilders. The renovated home will provide housing for up to 10 female veterans and their children who are struggling with homelessness.

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Thanks to Winchester Homes and to the trade partners who contributed labor and resources to the project:

ACM Services
Annandale Millwork & Allied Systems
Applied Environmental
Augustine Plumbing
Barrons Enterprises
Buhl Electric
Chick Landscaping
Colorworld Paint & Drywall
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