A Home is Everything

What comes to mind when you think home? A place to relax. A place to come together with family and friends. The center of your peace and security. Imagine living without a home. Imagine the chaos and anxiety you would feel every day. HomeAid Northern Virginia, by bringing together regional builders and housing advocates, is working to end homelessness because HomeAid believes that a home changes everything.

HomeAid’s goal is to be a major resource for Northern Virginia non-profit organizations that serve individuals and families experiencing homelessness. By connecting area builders who are able to donate their labor, time, materials, and expertise with organizations that need assistance maintaining aging facilities or building new facilities, HomeAid Northern Virginia helps families and individuals experiencing homelessness gain stability through housing.

HomeAid Northern Virginia’s projects serve a diverse mix of people within the homeless population, including victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities, those suffering from chronic physical or mental health issues, and homeless children and teens. 

HomeAid has completed over 150 projects across Northern Virginia—changing thousands of lives!

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Invested in building a better community


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How it Works

HomeAid connects the homebuilding community with organizations that serve individuals and families experiencing homelessness. HomeAid enables the homebuilding community to give back by doing what they do best: create high-quality work in an efficient and cost-saving manner that is durable and attractive. HomeAid’s builder partners often donate between 60 to 100 percent of the costs of a project—and provide non-profits with the necessary expertise to complete building projects efficiently. With this savings in construction and maintenance costs, shelter organizations are then able to direct their resources toward helping those they serve attain self-sufficiency.

Shelter organizations—not to mention food pantries, learning centers, and other important program spaces—in Northern Virginia care for thousands of homeless families and individuals each year. Maintaining the properties that serve these families can be challenging and costly. Without HomeAid’s help, many shelter projects could not be completed.

Beyond Construction…

HomeAid is always searching for new ways to support and supplement the work of our non-profit partners. HomeAid hosts events and other community efforts, such as our new Afternoon at Wolf Trap or Homelessness Awareness Month Outreach events at Tent Cities. Additionally, our Helping Hands Volunteer Program relieves the burden on shelters by offering much-needed household supplies and food to the families they serve.

Homelessness in Northern Virginia

Despite being one of the most affluent regions in the U.S., homelessness is a serious issue in Northern Virginia. A recent census conducted by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments found that there are about 2,000 homeless individuals living in Northern Virginia. Nearly half of that number are individuals in families with children. Even more families and individuals live in unstable housing—doubled or tripled up with other families, couch-surfing, or spending nights in the car or motels. This instability has a significant impact on children, often beginning the cycle of poverty and homelessness that is difficult to break.

And it’s not just the unemployed who are at-risk of homelessness. With such a high cost of living, low- and even middle-income families may struggle to pay rent when facing a medical emergency or other unexpected expense or life event. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Northern Virginia is nearly $1,800 per month. For a person earning only minimum wage (currently $7.25 per hour), this rent translates into an impossible 185-hour work week. Additionally, poor credit, limited savings, and other barriers put rentals out of reach of many low-income individuals.

Who We Help

HomeAid works with dozens of organizations who assist the diverse array of individuals who become homeless, including victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities, those suffering from chronic physical or mental health issues, veterans, homeless children and teens, and families. Through these organizations, lives are changed. The community benefits from the services and shelter space that these organizations provide, such as helping homeless individuals return to the workforce as productive employees and ensuring that families remain together to become the building blocks of strong communities.

HomeAid works throughout Northern Virginia in Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, and Prince William counties and the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, and Manassas.

Residents of these renovated or newly built facilities report that the beauty of the homes is something they have never experienced before in their lives. They have said that their new or renovated surrounding give them a sense of pride and they feel less stressed. HomeAid renovation and construction projects are an important part of helping families and individuals recover from homelessness.

Get Involved

The funding saved thanks to the donations of Builder Captains, Trade Partners and Helping Hands Volunteers allows the shelter organization to redirect into services their homeless clients desperately need. We hope you’ll join us in building new lives for Northern Virginia’s homeless. 

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