PathForward’s mission is to transform lives by delivering housing solutions and pathways to stability. Their vision is an inclusive and equitable community where all neighbors live stable, secure, and independent lives free from the threat of homelessness.

PathForward values are…

  • Community – Community is… building and fostering an open, inviting, inclusive neighborhood of shared responsibility.
  • Dignity – Dignity is… the belief that everyone has inherent rights and qualities of self-worth and respect.
  • Impact – Impact is… profoundly and positively transforming the lives of those we serve.
  • Partnership – Partnership is… the active commitment to work with other organizations and individuals in the community to transform the lives of those most vulnerable.
  • Stability – Stability is… meeting basic human needs and achieving independence.

Check out the projects HomeAid is currently working on at PathForward below…

PathForward 2022

January 23, 2020