HomeAid Northern Virginia, Builder Captain Touchstone Custom Homes, and 15+ trade partners have finalized the first two phases and are ramping up on the third phase of a $100,000+ renovation project at a 5,184-square foot building owned by A-SPAN, an Arlington-based organization that seeks to eliminate homelessness in Arlington County and offer support and stability to the region’s most vulnerable. A-SPAN also provides free medical services for homeless Arlington residents at the Homeless Services Center (HSC).

The team’s three-phase project has primarily focused on repainting and replacing the flooring inside the building; building an office, handicapped accessible bathroom and community room in the basement where staff and clients can meet; and refreshing the exterior and installing a patio for tenants to enjoy.

“The building dates back to the 1950s and hasn’t had much work done to it over the years,” said Clint Woodson, manager at Touchstone Custom Homes. “The interior, especially in the hallways and foyer entrance, really needed attention, and we’re using low-maintenance materials to ensure that its upkeep is more sustainable for A-SPAN. The other work – in the basement and outdoors – will really make the facility more useful for staff and tenants, while also just adding some quality of life through landscaping, a garden, gathering space outside, and beautification work.

“We’ve been connected with NVBIA since about 2013 [where we learned about HomeAid] and have wanted to work on HomeAid projects, but as a smaller builder, we hadn’t found the right fit,” he added. “This project is right in our neighborhood and it really made sense to step up and help them out. We’re glad to be a part of it and look forward to finishing it up soon!”

Kathleen Sibert, president and CEO of A-SPAN, noted that the improvements will greatly enhance the organization’s ability to provide onsite supervision and support to their most vulnerable clients – days, evenings, weekends, and holidays.

“Outside, the team is adding a trellis to offer shade, a patio, bench seating, and landscaping,” she added. “All will offer much-needed therapeutic time. It’s really going to be amazing, and everyone working on the project has just been incredible. This whole effort is totally in keeping with our mission and what we aim to do with this property. Having a home to be proud of is so important for our clients who would otherwise not be successful finding housing due to medical or mental health issues and who rely on supportive housing situations. These apartments are leased in their own names, but being able to offer this level of onsite support and supervision will allow them to live more independently. We are so excited and grateful for this gift!”

Touchstone Custom Homes, HomeAid, and the team of trade partners hope to finish the project soon.

Thank you, Touchstone Custom Homes for your incredible dedication to this project!