Builder Captain EYA furnished and installed walls for new offices, a classroom, storage area, and restroom; updated light fixtures ; modified the existing HVAC system and installed an auxiliary HVAC system for a new conference room.

The additional classroom space was needed to help create self-sufficiency for homeless and formerly homeless children, families and adults. EYA’s renovations allow Carpenter’s Shelter to help end homelessness through its services, education, and advocacy.

Thank you, EYA and the following Trade Partners, for your contributions toward this project.

Atlantic Building Supply
Buhl Electric
Burgers Cabinet Shop
Century Tile
Commercial Carpets
Eastern Applicators
Frye Masonry

Livingston Fire Protection
META Engineers
MOI, Inc.
NOVA Waste
Peed Plumbing
Rust Orling
Southland Insulators
TNT Services

Special Thanks to Builder Captain