Operation Renewed Hope Foundation’s (ORHF) mission is to provide quality housing and supportive services to our Nation’s homeless Veterans. They provide a range of services assisting Veterans and breaking their cycle of homelessness or preventing Veterans from becoming homeless.

These services include:

  • Housing
    • ORHF work with landlords and rental agencies throughout the metro DC area finding suitable places for Veterans and their families, thus providing a stable housing environment.
    • ORHF partners with community organizations and citizens in  the tri-state area, picking up donated furniture and household items delivering directly to the Veteran’s home.
  • Transportation
    • ORHF assists Veterans by providing bus, taxi or metro fare, and when possible, donated vehicles. With this donated transportation aid, Veterans are able to search for employment and remain employed.
  • Other Services
    • ORHF is fortunate to have community involvement with generous dentists and clinics for pro bono assistance.  We partner with many other homeless Veteran organizations who also have the necessary contacts with organizations providing pro bono care.

Learn more about Operation Renewed Hope Foundation here.