For this project, Winchester Homes rehabilitated a recently acquired townhome. “By bringing the expertise and effort and goodwill of many subcontractors and their staff to assist the community, the building team provided high quality resources in a way that helped Reston Interfaith serve our clients more effectively,”  said Rick Kloer, Manager, Housing and Community Development for Reston Interfaith Housing Corporation.

“Helping out in the community is a part of our corporate culture at Winchester Homes,” said Brian Phebus, Director of Production, Winchester Homes.

“We’re really privileged to be partners with HomeAid and the care providers in the community,” said Phebus. “We play the small role that we do in the process in order to help the care providers do the meaningful work that they do out in the community. We do the easy part in that regard.”

Thank you, Winchester Homes and the following Trade Partners, for your contributions to this project.

Annandale Millwork
Augustine Plumbing
Century Stairs
Colorworld Paint & Drywall
Creative Touch Interiors

Delta Concrete
L – Tikal
LH Mechanical
Masterbrand Cabinets, Inc.

Special Thanks to Builder Captain